Burn Permits


Learn how to obtain a Brush Burning Permit, when you can burn, what you can burn, etc. Questions: Air Pollution Control Board 423-643-5970.



Seasonal Burning

NO BURNING–commercial or residential– is allowed in Hamilton County from May 1-September 30. This ozone season burning ban  was implemented to help Hamilton County continue to achieve federal air quality standards.  Burning restrictions are proven methods of controlling air quality and they encourage residents and companies to seek out alternatives to burning, like chipping, composting and recycling. To learn more contact the Bureau at (423) 643-5970.

Burning is allowed in Hamilton County between October 1 and April 30 with the appropriate permits. The burning status is determined by the predicted daily air quality. You can also find out the day’s burning status by calling the Information Line at (423) 643-5971.

Burning permits cannot be issued until the permit application has been reviewed by Bureau personnel and an on-site inspection is made by the Fire Marshall, where appropriate, and Air Pollution Control personnel at the convenience of such inspectors.  If a permit is issued, the applicant must sign and abide to the conditions listed on the permit.  Non-compliance with any of the conditions is a violation of the law, and is punishable by a penalty of up to $25,000 per day.

What’s Prohibited?

The burning of garbage, treated lumber, paper and cardboard is NOT legal at any time. During the seasonal burning ban, no burning in barrels is allowed.

Is There A Fee?

Residents of Chattanooga are subject to a nonrefundable $50 inspection fee. Residents of Hamilton County are subject to a nonrefundable $5 inspection fee.


Burning Permits


During burning season (October 1 – April 30)  burning is allowed in municipalities of Hamilton County and in the unincorporated communities, provided that the appropriate permit is obtained. These permits are issued to those individuals or businesses that are planning to burn less than two acres of material in a 12 month period.

The annual, seasonal burning ban is in effect from May 1 – September 30 of each year.  No burning is allowed between these dates.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Air Pollution Control Bureau at 423-643-5970.


From October 15th through April 30th, a Forestry Permit must also be obtained from the Tennessee Division of Forestry for any burning within 500 feet from forests, woodlands or grasslands within the unincorporated area of Hamilton County.  A Forestry Permit can be obtained free of charge by calling 423-332-3228 (West of the Tennessee River) or 423-478-0337 (East of the Tennessee River).  Forestry permits for Saturday or Sunday will be issued on Friday.


WARNING: Non-Compliance with any of the above conditions could result is civil penalties of up to $25,000.00 per day.


Permit Applications

Directions:  To download an application for a burning permit please click below on the town where the burning will occur. This will open a .pdf of the application (including instructions and an application form). To read the .pdf file, you will need a copy of Adobe Reader. For a free download of the latest version of Adobe Reader, click here.

To apply for a permit:

  1. Print the .pdf file
  2. Fill out out the entire form (incomplete applications will not be processed)
  3. Mail the form, along with the appropriate fee (fees are listed in the instruction portion of the form) to:

CHCAPCB – Burning Permits
6125 Preservation Drive
Chattanooga, TN 37416

Permits will not be issued until any required inspections are performed.

Applications received prior to October 1 will be processed and permits, if approved, will be mailed no earlier than September 25.  Applications received after October 1 will be processed and permits, if approved, will be mailed out as they are processed.  If after two weeks you have not received your permit, please contact us at (423) 643-5970.

If you have any questions, please call the Bureau at (423) 643-5970.