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Functional Divisions

The Sale Creek Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue is organized into six Functional Divisions to achieve Departmental goals:

Administrative / Executive Division
The Administrative Division of the Fire Department is charged with the responsibility of providing leadership, effective management, direction, supervision, coordination and general support of the Fire Department's resources, with emphasis on providing high-quality emergency services and planning for the future development of the department to meet the needs of the community.  The Fire Chief and the Deputy Chief provide general departmental oversight, monitor the effectiveness of current programs, determine future needs of the department, and develop plans of action to achieve departmental goals. Responsibilities include personnel relations, budgetary formation and control, strategic planning and implementation, accounting, purchasing, and inventory control. The Administrative/ Executive Division also has support personnel; Secretary, Treasurer, and Financial Secretary.

Safety Division
The primary role of the Safety Division Chief is to ensure the overall safety of department personnel as they perform their duties on emergencies; to include: fire, rescue, HazMat and EMS incidents; while conducting training; and while performing fire station duties and non-emergency services. The duties of this position include emergency incident safety, health, wellness, tracking maintenance on safety related equipment: SCBA’s, multi gas meters, and thermal imagers, as well as other safety related administrative duties assigned by the Fire Chief.  The Safety Division may be staffed with one or more Safety Officers as requested by the Safety Division Chief.  The Safety Division Chief receives direct supervision from the Fire Chief.  
Fire Marshal / Fire Prevention Division
The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for fire inspections, investigations and public fire (and other) safety education related to community fire prevention, safety and awareness. The Division may be staffed with one or more Fire Investigator/Inspectors as requested by the Fire Marshal Division Chief.  The Fire Marshal Division Chief receives direct supervision from the Fire Chief.  

Training Division
The Training Division is responsible for the development, delivery and tracking of fire, emergency medical, and leadership training and the compilation and monitoring of training records.  The goal of the Training Division is to promote personal development by providing regular, quality, progressive in-house educational programs, to support participation in local, state, and national conferences/seminars/classes, and to encourage advanced certifications or Degree programs in fire suppression, prevention, EMS or hazardous materials.  The Division is staffed with Training Officers and a Secretary with supervision being provided by the Training Division Chief.  The Training Division Chief receives direct supervision from the Deputy Chief.   

Operations Division
Sale Creek is an “all hazards” fire department.  The Operations Division is responsible for fire control and suppression, rescue, emergency medical response, the mitigation of disasters and hazardous materials incidents, other emergencies, and to render assistance as required.  The Division is charged with ensuring the operational readiness of all personnel that respond to emergencies in the community. The Division is headed by the Assistant Chief that directly supervises the Company Captain. The Captain has oversight of the Lieutenant and the Fire Company that is assigned.  The Operations Division is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Department.  The Assistant Chief receives direct supervision from the Deputy Chief.   

Logistics Division
The Logistics Division is responsible for the planning, specification, purchase and maintenance of vehicles, apparatus, equipment/supplies and facilities. The Division is staffed with a Supply Officer, a Water Supply Officer, and Rehab personnel with supervision being provided by the Logistics Division Chief.  The Logistics Division Chief receives direct supervision from the Deputy Chief.

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