Sale Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue


The Sale Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department is wholly volunteer and provides emergency services to an approximately 82-square mile area in northwest Hamilton County, Tennessee.  Minimum training requirements for fire suppression personnel include performance standards as identified by NFPA 1001.  Our department participates in the Tennessee Commission on Firefighter Professional Qualifications Standards with certifications based on NFPA 1001. Our community is unincorporated and is within commuting distance of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We are in transition from rural to suburban, experiencing growth that is presenting us with new risks.  Our once sprawling farmland now has beautiful, large homes in subdivisions.  The lake and riverfront properties have homes that are on the average of 6000 square feet and three to four stories.

Our department is a full service fire organization, an “all hazards” fire department.  We operate out of five fire stations, providing emergency services ranging from public assistance, medical first response, vehicle extrication, trench rescue, rope rescue, ground and water search, water rescue, hazardous materials response, and fire suppression. Our department currently operates three pumpers, two pumper/tankers, two tankers, one aerial, one service truck, one utility/temporary traffic control vehicle, one brush truck, one heavy rescue, three light rescues (first responder), one rope rescue (first responder), one command post/special rescue vehicle, one administrative/fire investigation vehicle, a rehab vehicle, four boats, one 6×6 ATV, one 8×8 amphibious vehicle, one Haz-Mat trailer, and one pump trailer.

As a member of the Tri-State Mutual Aid Association, our department gives and receives aid to and from approximately forty departments.  Our department responds as part of the written emergency response plan for the TVA Sequoyah and Watts Bar Nuclear Plants, and TVA Watts Bar Hydro Electric Plant and Dam.  We have Automatic Aid agreements with neighboring fire departments.  As a component of the Homeland Security District 3 for the State of Tennessee, all apparatus and equipment owned and operated by our department is subject to respond in multiple communities in ten southeast Tennessee counties, including the City of Chattanooga.  

ISO conducted a Public Protection Class grading on October 7, 2014.  The ISO evaluation process reviewed our capabilities as a fire department as well as our emergency communications, water supply, and community risk reduction efforts.  After countless volunteer hours of community service and dedication, we are very proud to announce that our Public Protection Class Rating has improved to a Class 3/3X.  

This means that out of all the fire departments in Tennessee, Sale Creek Volunteer Fire & Rescue ranks among the best in the state.  This is something we are extremely proud of.  (The chart shown below was obtained from the ISO website.) 

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